Is it a bad idea to Veneer Healthy Teeth

Is it a bad idea to Veneer Healthy Teeth?

Is it a bad idea to veneer healthy teeth? No, it’s not bad; veneer is right for your teeth. However, in this guide, you will know in detail why veneer is not a bad idea for healthy teeth.

What is a veneer? 

Usually, the word veneer comes from English and means veneer or mask. Veneers are mainly known from the furniture industry. Here, for example, ordinary wood panels are adorned with wafer-thin precious wood and thus visually enhanced. So dentists use veneers in aesthetic dentistry. For example:

  • Damage after a dental accident
  • Small tooth gap
  • The discoloration of the teeth is large
  • Visible fillings
  • Damage to tooth enamel
  • The size of ugly teeth
  • Wrongly arranged teeth

What kind of veneer is there? 

Veneers differ mainly in material, strength, and attachment method. Ceramic is especially suitable for the veneering of natural teeth. High-performance porcelain is transparent and deceptively similar to the original.

Ceramic veneers are also well tolerated and have no known allergies. Ceramic veneers are about .1 mm (conventional veneer) thin and glued to existing teeth using a special technique. The dentist already grinds the ground of the natural teeth. The wafer-thin form of veneers (about 0.3 mm) can be attached without crushing the tooth surfaces.

Here experts speak of non-prepaid veneers. Veneers made of composite (plastic) are inexpensive but do not offer the great features of ceramic veneers. Dental Veneer-to-go is available in general size and shape and – in one session – is somewhat adjusted for the patient concerned.

How is veneer used?

The dentist first takes the feeling of the teeth. For a perfect, bright smile, veneers need to fit perfectly into the teeth. The dental technician then takes care of it in laborious manual work. He created a separate veneer for each tooth. He adjusts the color and shape of the veneers to the needs and desires of the patient. The dentist then bonds the veneer permanently to the teeth using a special concrete technique.

What are the advantages of veneers over a crown? 

The dentist should always decide whether the crown or not. Compared to tooth crowns, veneers are believed to have many positive properties.

  • Do not grind any unnecessary teeth (with non-pep veneer)
  • The surface prevents plaque from forming
  • Good color fastness
  • High durability with solid chewing forces
  • Natural appearance

A veneer is not only an aesthetic but also a beneficial solution to make tooth loss disappear.

It is easy to take care of veneers.

 The veneers do not require any special treatment to provide more energy in the long run. However, regular care at home and good prophylaxis to the dentist are good prerequisites for the long-term use of veneers. Besides, how long does the veneer last? Veneers are not a temporary renewal of teeth but a permanent aesthetic solution.

This has been confirmed in different scientific studies. For example, in long-term scientific research, ceramic veneers sometimes last up to 20 years. 

Conclusion: However, if you want to give your teeth a new coat of face color, you should ask your dentist. So is it a bad idea to veneer healthy teeth? Hopefully, you already understand healthy tooth veneer is not a bad idea.

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